Home Installation

375.00 Ex. VAT

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Offer on Home Charger Installations – for Chargers purchased elsewhere.

This price is based on the following factors for a typical installation –

  • The charger is NOT purchased from CarChargerParts.com – if you purchase a charger from us, we can provide a personalised (and lower) installation price
  • The car charger is mounted in the same building as the fuseboard it is connected to.
  • The maximum distance from the fuseboard is to be less than 8 metres. Further than this will incur extra charges, but we will advise on arrival to the job.
  • All wiring and fitting will be external to surfaces in white mini cable trunking.
  • We will fit the relevant breaker to your current fuseboard if space is available. If not, we will fit our own mini unit beside yours.
  • The WallPod is to be fitted internally or externally.