Home Installation – by SEAI grant qualified electrician



To help you meet the SEAI grant requirements we can offer installation as an ADD-ON ORDER and this will ensure the following happens:

  1. The work will be performed by a fully qualified electrician who is registered accordingly with Safe Electric Ireland.
  2. Once the installation is completed the electrician will help you complete the Payment Request Form.
  3. The Electrician will provide you with the following items on completion of the installation…
  • Certificate Number 3
  • a copy of the Test Record sheet

This price offered will be based on the following factors for a typical installation –

  • The charger will be mounted in the same building as the fuse-board its connected to.
  • The distance from the fuse-board to the unit will determine cabling costs – the shorter the better.
  • All wiring and fitting will be external to surfaces in white mini cable trunking.
  • We will fit the relevant breaker to your current fuse-board if space is available. If not, we will fit our own mini unit beside yours.
  • The CarCharger can be fitted internally or externally.


Please contact us and we can advise cost of installation – specific to your requirements. If your requirements are more complex, we can also arrange to have an engineer visit your home by arrangement.


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