Home EV Ready (Deep Base)

99.00 Ex. VAT

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Home EV Ready – The Entry level EV Charger

Charges almost all current EV’s at mode 2

Fully prepared for future upgrade to mode 3

Ideal for home builders wishing to offer low-cost EV charging 

The Rolec Home EV Ready is a low-cost unit which is capable of charging almost every electric vehicle currently on the market in mode 2 format (13amp domestic socket).

This unit has also been designed and prepared to be quickly and easily upgraded to mode 3 charging when desired.

This 13amp IP65 domestic socket complete with 10amp overload and 30mA fault current protection can also double up as the home’s outdoor maintenance socket.

Benefits to the Builder:

  • Extremely cost-effective
  • It fulfils your EV charging commitment
  • The homeowner can easily and cost effectively upgrade to Mode 3 in the future

Along with the low cost of the Home EV Ready unit,  it is also able to offer the following performance specification:

  • Easy to install / low maintenance
  • Designed to be permanently located indoors or outdoors
  • Capable of charging all current electric vehicles using mode 2 leads
  • A 13amp socket protected by an IP65 rated access door
  • 13amp domestic socket will fully charge an electric vehicle overnight
  • A built-in 10amp RCBO accessible via an IP65 rated access door
  • Full overload and fault current protection
  • Cable entry points in top, bottom and back


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