16 Feb

Irish EV Situation

The number of electric cars in Ireland is pathetic. The Department of Transport published the official Vehicle and Driver Statistics Bulletin for 2015 today. It revealed that there are 1,985,130 private cars on our roads at the end of last year but that only 1,028 of them are electric. That is just 0.05 per cent or 5 five hundredths of one per cent. Can you believe it!

Today’s figures also show that in the last year alone a total of 121,110 new private cars were registered but that only 476 of them were electric. That was just 0.39 per cent of new private cars sold last year. Yet ESB was about to introduce charges which would have acted as a significant disincentive for people to switch to electric.

The original Government target was to have 20 per cent of the cars on our roads electric by 2020. Then it was halved to 10 per cent because clearly they did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of achieving that target. But at the rate they are going we will be lucky if they get to two per cent electric by 2020.

Someone needs to take this issue by the scruff of the neck and get the next Government to wake up and take the issue more seriously. The incentives for people to buy electric cars in Ireland are simply not working. The measures need to be improved substantially.

Serious consideration needs to be given to allowing electric cars drive in Bus Lanes and to be able to park for free on our city streets.

Today’s official statistics show there are only 356 electric cars registered in Dublin. That is certainly nowhere near enough to clog up the bus lanes. And overall, the cost of giving give free parking to such a small population of car drivers would be very small indeed.

Yet two little trinkets like those might just grab the public’s attention and cause people take a closer look at switching to electric.

If something radical is not done, and done soon, Ireland will end up with a massive bill for excessive carbon emissions in our transport sector.

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