19 Nov

A little about Plugs!


The common standard for EV plug type is the IEC 62196.

IEC 62196 is an international standard for set of electrical connectors and charging modes for electric vehicles and is maintained by theInternational Electro technical Commission(IEC).

The standard specifies mechanisms such that, first, power is not supplied unless a vehicle is connected and, second, the vehicle is immobilized while still connected


Charging modes

IEC 62196-1 is applicable to plugs, socket-outlets, connectors, inlets and cable assemblies for electric vehicles, intended for use in conductive charging systems which incorporate control means, with a rated operating voltage not exceeding:

  • 690 V a.c., 50 – 60 Hz, at a rated current not exceeding 250 A;
  • 600 V d.c., at a rated current not exceeding 400 A.

IEC 62196 refers to the charging modes defined in IEC 61851-1 which include:

  • “Mode 1” – slow charging from a household-type socket-outlet
  • “Mode 2” – slow charging from a household-type socket-outlet with an in-cable protection device
  • “Mode 3” – slow or fast charging using a specific EV socket-outlet with control and protection function installed
  • “Mode 4” – fast charging using an external charger


18 Nov

ESB Charging for Chargers


ESB-ecars copy

Beginning later this month, new ESB ecars customers will be asked to sign up to a monthly fee of €16.99 (VAT inclusive). This is a direct quote from ESB.ie. From April 2016, a 30 cent per minute usage fee will apply to fast charging systems.

ESB ecars is working on additional price plans that it will launch in 2016.

The ESB ecars public charging network consists of more than 70 fast chargers located approximately 60 kilometres along inter-urban – capable of recharging a typical EV in 25 minutes, with over 800 Standard chargers in communities throughout Ireland.

A link to the full article can be found here.